STEPS is a program started by Monica Gary aimed to help encourage, motivate and inspire people into action! STEPS stand for Start Toward Effective Preparations for Success. When most people think about success he or she may think about someone who has a great job, a large house or lots of money, but real success really comes from one source and that’s God. When you live your life to please God, you will be successful and in turn realize your purpose in life! Some of the things that STEPS promotes include positive self image, healthy living, goal setting, empowering women and spiritual growth. If we are going to have strong communities, it starts with strong families and individuals. In this society, many people are faced with a lot of hardships and at times are in need of someone who can lend a helping hand. As believers, it is our job to reach out, invest and provoke change in our communities.

» Positive Self Image

The perception a person has about themselves will definitely affect how they live their lives. When you have a positive self image, positive actions will follow. When you have a negative self image, negative actions will follow. As a result, it is necessary that we pour positive and encouraging words into this generation. The Bible says that faith comes by hearing, so what you hear is extremely important. You can listen to something so long and soon begin to believe it. Let’s create an environment to foster growth and positive influences in our community.

» Healthy Living

Obesity has become a hot topic in today’s society. We live in a world where people believe that bigger is better, but as it relates to your health that is not the case. Mississippi was known as one of the fattest states. We are faced with issues such as childhood obesity, diabetes, hypertension and the list goes on and on. With an increase in technology, handheld devices and social media we have become more and more inactive as a whole. For this reason, it is necessary that we educate our communities with practical nutrition information such as benefits of proper nutrition, weight loss (exercise) and appropriate meal planning so we can build healthier families.

» Goal Setting

Goal setting is important because establishing goals gives motivation to your vision. What is it that you want to do or accomplish? Without proper setting of goals it will be hard to achieve what you desire. We encourage you to set goals for yourself and take the necessary small steps to make it happen. You have in you what you need to do great things in life.

» Empowering Women

As women living in an extremely sexual society, it is important that we know that God created us with so much potential and that we have so much to offer other than our bodies. There is a need for young women to know that they can change their homes and families. It is vital that young women in this generation realize that they do not have to settle, but live purposeful, pure lives that can give glory to God. It is necessary that women are charged to raise the standard and be holy women of God.

» Spiritual Growth

What do you feed the most? It is essential that you understand that whatever you feed the most will grow. You have your flesh and your spirit. In order for you to grow spiritually it is necessary to feed your spirit the right types of things. If we are to be strong in God or desire to have a personal relationship with God, it takes putting the right things in our spirit (prayer/ bible reading). It is important to get young people (and older) to understand who Jesus is and how he can transform their lives.

Our Motto: “Small Steps equals BIG Change”.